What we are

We are independent and qualified advisors to buyers of antiques who hire us to find specific quality European antiques and fine art.

We have a particular expertise in 17th to early 20th Century European furniture, paintings, silver and ceramics; we also have a particular interest in art related to hunting and shooting, such as paintings, furniture, tapestries and bronzes. (see our Examples)

We do commit in writing to obtain the lowest possible prices for our clients and to be paid exclusively through a transparent commission for professional services rendered. (see How We Charge)

We do have proprietary sources with some of the oldest European families.

What we are not

We are NOT Antiques dealers or merchants. Hence, we have no stock and we do NOT make profit through the highest possible mark-up on merchandise that we would buy, nor through retrocession from sellers. We guarantee it in writing.

We are NOT decorators, interior designers, or architects and we do not compete with them since we do not offer their range of services. They are either our clients, or we work together with them for private individuals, families, collectors or museums.